Artikelserie „Industrial SOA“ ist nun online

Nun kommt die SOA-Artikel-Serie online… Zusammen mit meinen Freunden werden wir unsere Erfahrungen rund um SOA nun auch in Englischer Sprache online bereitstellen. Die ersten zwei Artikel (Preface : Industrial SOA  [OTNSTM], SOA Blueprint – A Toolbox for Architects [OTNSTM] ) sind bereits da.


Industrial SOA is a 14-part  article series focused on service orientation, written collaboratively by a group of recognized experts and community leaders in service oriented architecture. I’m really happy and proud to be part of that group. 


SOA and service-orientation have laid the foundation for a variety of emergent service technology innovations, while the original building blocks of SOA and service-orientation continue to evolve by embracing fundamental service technologies, concepts and practices. These new technology innovations do not replace service-orientation; they use it as their basis. Service-orientation continues to evolve towards a factory approach, towards industrializing integrated platforms, such as BI, master data management (MDM), mobile front-ends, BPM, adaptive processes, Big Data and Cloud Computing – all of which add architectural layers upon SOA-based infrastructure. All of these technologies can interface via standardized data and functions, published as service contracts, in order to avoid redundancy – that’s service-orientation.

The articles are & will be published both on Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and Service Technology Magazine (STM).

Available and upcoming Articles:

Preface : Industrial SOA (OTNSTM)
Chapter 1: SOA Blueprint: A Toolbox for Architects (OTNSTM)
Chapter 2: Project Categories
Chapter 3: Service Categories
Chapter 4: SOA Maturity
Chapter 5: Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Chapter 6: Security
Chapter 7: Transactions and Compensation
Chapter 8: SOA and User Interaction (UI)
Chapter 9: Mobile
Chapter 10: Events
Chapter 11: MDM and SOA
Chapter 12: BPM and ACM
Chapter 13: SOA and Cloud 

Thomas Erl, Editor of Service Technology Magazine: “Welcome to this special issue in which we are launching an extensive article series dedicated to the exploration of contemporary SOA topics and issues. This refreshing view of what is termed as “Industrial SOA” highlights some of the more recent innovations in practice that will especially be of interest to those who want to learn some techniques that go beyond the academic essentials. This issue begins with a preface by Oracle veteran Juergen Kress, and then moves on to the first of twelve articles in the series. Subsequent issues of the Service Technology Magazine will publish new articles, which will take the series into early 2014. These articles were authored by a group of SOA experts that have received wide-spread recognition throughout Europe and have been nicknamed the “Masons of SOA”. One of the masons, Clemens Utschig, was also a co-author of the SOA Manifesto back in 2009.”

Send us your feedback Twitter @twitter/soacommunity  #industrialSOA

~ von bmaier - 23. April 2013.

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